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Bo E. Lundqvist

Bo E. Lundqvist

Yellowing pages from the past – a bundle of letters, a stack of books, old documents – stir the imagination. These sepia sheets once carried a special message, had a personal meaning – made someone elated, distressed, forlorn.

As the ocean swells our fantasies, so a dog-eared bundle of letters can be a source of thought and inspiration. History – the past – can also propel our inspiration.
A landscape of old letters, yellowing cards, fragments. A composition germinates, a picture grows, a message to the quiet watcher.

History is more than a progression of kings, wars. It is tools, articles of clothing, the way one expresses oneself in writing and speech, the slant of handwriting, typography,
a thumbed, mildewed paper, and old advertisment, fragments of a picture, a scrawled text – all these contain a message to the listener.

Just as Tolstoy described the history of his country in ”War and Peace”. I want to depict our epoch in images using a technique involving collage, painting and calligraphy. I am very proud when people say that if they have seen one of my paintings, they can spot another one from a distance. It is a very personal concept which has worked very well for me.

As I travel in Europe and America, I collect material, search for disappearing footsteps of our fleeting hours. I affix them to the canvas but use paints and images to imbue them with my personal perception of the past. Yet not so rigidly that the viewer´s own imagination is unresponsive. In this way art of our time evolves from the past. As with all passion and knowledge, it has its roots of reference in the past. A bold idea has gained a personal rendering – a combination of knowledge and creativity has taken form.

As each of us learns to know ourselves through our relations with the world around us, acquaintance with my world of pictures can give a new awareness. When this occurs, the miracle of art has touched us.

I have had the great satisfaction to see that my way of painting has appealed to many different groups of people. Not the least to persons active in business and industry, which is why you find my works displayed in board rooms and executive offices in many international companies.


Aguelimuséet, Sala, Sweden 1973
Galleri Artegrafica, Helsinki, Finland 1982
Galleri Berr, Münich, West Germany 1983
Galleri Futura, Stockholm, Sweden 1984
Landes Kulturzentrum, Linz, Austria 1984
Beam Gallery, San Fransisco, USA 1985
Beam Gallery, Seattle, USA 1985
Pelsner, The Skaw, Denmark 1986
Galleri Futura, Stockholm, Sweden 1989
American Scandinavian Foundation, New York, USA 1989
Stora Kopparbergs Museum, Sweden 1996
Gallery ArtDiana, Helsinki, Finland 1998
Swedish Consulate, Nice, France 2001
Swedish Consulate General, New York, USA 2004


Swedish Wine & Spirits, Gothenburg: Monumental Painting
Svenska Philips: paintings, graphics and fine arts calendar
Swedish Tobacco Company: paintings in connection with 1988 New Sweden, Delaware
Timbro Publishing House: Painting for Paul Johnson´s book ”The History of the ”Modern World”, Swedish edition
SAS/Linjeflyg: Art Collection Calendar 1989
Scania AB
Swedish Aerotech
McDonalds, Sweden
Sheraton Hotel, Stockholm
Federation of Swedish Industries
Susan Davis, Washington
Barclays Bank, New York
Atlas Copco
Abbott | Global Healthcare & Research
Whitbread Round the World Race 1994
ASEA Brown Boveri ABB: Art Kalender
Vattenfall | Forsmark nuclear powerplant

…and several of the leading Swedish banks.


Stockholm School of Art and the Royal Academy of Water Color Painting in London

Bo E Lundqvist´s work is also featured in a large number of private collections
in Sweden and other countries.

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